# Welcome To My Mind My name is [Bryan](https://www.bryanjenks.dev). I am an Information Technology Specialist with the California State Government and I welcome you to explore my thoughts. I have a myriad of interests and like to take notes on many topics some of the more notable topics are - [[Zettelkasten]] & [[Personal Knowledge Management]] - [[Spaced Repetition]] - [[Z/Autism|Autism]] & [[Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder|ADHD]] - [[Academia]] - [[Language Learning]] I use several utility type notes to keep track of various things in this organic free-form dendritic system. This is the convenient list of them for me to use and for you to view though not all of them may be available all of the time. For things that are [[Top of Mind]] I place them in those notes. To manage all notes in their various stages of processing I use the database folder plugin - [[Research]] is for all my "inputs" - [[ZK Processing]] is for all my notes from seedling to evergreen I also keep track of input processing and daily notes with [[ISO 8601]] date stamps in the titles of the notes which are laid out chronologically here: [[Timeline]]. I also use the following symbols in the names of input notesto group lists of my [[Zettelkasten]] inputs by type: `{` \=\= `Books` \=\=\=\=\= #πŸ“₯️/πŸ“šοΈ `@` \=\= `People` \=\=\=\= #πŸ“οΈ/πŸ‘₯️ `!` \=\= `Tweets` \=\=\=\= #πŸ“₯️/🐦️ `%` \=\= `Podcasts` \=\= #πŸ“₯️/🎧️ `+` \=\= `YouTube` \=\=\= #πŸ“₯️/πŸŽ₯️ `(` \=\= `Articles` \=\= #πŸ“₯️/πŸ“°οΈ `&` \=\= `Papers` \=\=\=\= #πŸ“₯️/πŸ“œοΈ <code>=</code> \=\= `Thoughts` \=\= #πŸ“₯️/πŸ’­οΈ To see the input by status, each has status tags denoted with a colored square that is elaborated on more in [[Tag Taxonomy]]. I also manage my [[Tasks]]'s in much the same way with the colored squares except in this instance the squares indicate level of difficulty / involvement to complete the task. My true task management is usually in [[Todoist]], the tasks in this vault are tasks relating to vault contents like *"flesh out this note some more"*. To really explore and jump off into this vault you should start with the [[Map Of Content|Maps of Content]] which are all found easily with #πŸ“οΈ/πŸ—ΊοΈ. The Map of MOC is gone because it's more effort than it's worth to maintain and the MOC's are becoming more free form and connecting to each other and there's no longer a point in trying to code a structure around a free form network graph. If you want to see my [[Zettelkasten]] notes you can do so with this tag: #πŸ“οΈ for tags in various stages of processing here's the breakdown: #πŸ“οΈ &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;*<=>* `All Notes` #πŸ“οΈ/🌱️ *<=>* `Seedling Notes` #πŸ“οΈ/🌿️ *<=>* `Fern Notes` #πŸ“οΈ/🌞️ *<=>* `Incubating Notes` #πŸ“οΈ/🌲️ *<=>* `Evergreen Notes` #πŸ“οΈ/πŸ›₯️ *<=>* `Boat Notes` And again, more details on the classification of these tags can be found in [[Tag Taxonomy]].