#### Spaced Repetition --- ![[Spaced Repetition.png]] The image^[https://www.wired.com/2008/04/ff-wozniak/] shows that over time our initial input of information is selectively forgotten and we retain a fraction of what we receive. To adequately retain information in the long term memory, we must repeat that information and 2 helpful tools promote this long term storage of information: Spaced Repetition and Active Recall. Spaced Repetition is when we stimulate our memory at the point where our retention starts to drop off, and we "re-up" our recollection of that information. so that its like a declining hit point bar we keep topping off with health potions. That is spacing out the recall but the recall itself is also important as we try to build the neurological connections and associations in the brain. We stimulate this building of pathways by trying to actively recall the information and expending effort and focus on that recall. If we just can recall it, then we give ourselves the answer at this precipice of retention and place the data back into our short term memory. Over time with this spacing and active recall through something like flash cards we can promote the storage and memorization of information into long term memory. A great program for this is Anki^[https://apps.ankiweb.net/] that will let you space out your cards which are highly customizable for different types of media and card types and even allows custom card types and plugins. These tools allow you to build strong long term memory connections and pathways in the brain so that you can more effectively retain information you want to remember; Coding languages, facts, personal details, foreign languages, medical terminology, you name it. --- Tags: [[Productivity]] - [[Zettelkasten]] - [[Learning]] - [[Knowledge]] - [[Knowledge Formation]] References: - [[( 2020-09-09 Effective Learning Twenty Rules of Formulating Knowledge]] - [[( 2020-09-04 Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn Surrender to This Algorithm]] Related: - [[{ 2020-09-09 How To Take Smart Notes]] - [[The curating of a zettelkasten slip box is an active practice in knowledge building and spaced repetition]] - [[cloze deletion improves memorization with context rich active recall]] - [[Learning is not atomized]] - [[Learning without comprehension is a poor foundation to build spaced repetition on top of]] - [[The impact of ADHD on working memory can be combatted with spaced repetition and active recall]]