#### [[Zettelkasten]] --- The Zettelkasten is a method of note taking created by and popularized by a German sociologist named [[@Niklas Luhmann]]. The Zettelkasten method consists of taking notes on materials read or consumed (*Literature Notes*) and then from those literature notes that contain bibliographical information as well for citations, you form your own ideas. These precipitate ideas are collected on "cards" or in the digital implementation of the method; individual files. These cards/files are densely linked to each others either by an indexing system if hand written or by some implementation of hyperlinking to other files. in [[Z/Obsidian]] there are back links, internal links, hyperlinks to external, links to headings, and block level references. Luhmann used his Zettelkasten to act as an external framework of thought^[[[utilizing external scaffolding lessens the cognitive burden]]] that aided him in producing a large body of academic work without formal education in the field. --- - Tags: - [[Academia]] - [[Literature Review]] - [[Note Taking]] - [[Writing]] - [[Knowledge]] - [[Knowledge Formation]] - [[Knowledge Economy]] - References: - - Related: - [[@Tiago Forte]] - [[PARA]] - [[@Niklas Luhmann]] - [[@Sonke Ahrens]] - [[{ 2020-09-09 How To Take Smart Notes]] - [[@Nick Milo]] - [[Map Of Content]] - [[Z/Obsidian]] - [[@Andy Matuschak]] - [[Evergreen Notes]] - [[The benefit of analog zettelkasten cards laid out on a desk can be replicated with andy mode]]